Tuesday, June 14

Red Hot Pentecost

As I trace my finger around the circle of the church year (see photo at the end of this post) the children always wait in anticipation for me to come to the red square "Ouch, this one is hot, it is red hot Pentecost."  Then they each eagerly wait a turn to touch the 'red hot square'.  They get a bit goofy and put their fingers in their mouths to cool them.  

Sunday we celebrated in red - so simply.  I had in mind to try a red velvet cake like last year, but the strawberries are in season and strawberry pie was too yummy sounding to pass up.  

In other news, I think we are finally feeling settled.  Baking and cooking as usual the last couple days has helped me to feel that normality is coming.  And in the last couple days, we set up the godly play shelves and the nature nook, which were among the last touches in our school room and I do believe we are beginning to feel at home.  

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Sheila said...

A nice idea to have everything in red. I'm glad that you are settled enough in your new home to be able to celebrate.: )