Friday, June 17


We let Jonah choose between a party with friends or taking Grandma to the aquarium on his birthday.  I have to admit I was pretty sure what he would chose and I simply don't have the energy right now to plan a big party, as much as I love hosting children's parties.  So we spent a quiet morning at the aquarium followed by lunch at the aquarium cafe.  After naps Daddy came home early and we threw new frisbees through hoops and enjoyed the beanbag toss daddy made the night before.  
Of course, the birthday was dinosaur themed and Jonah loved helping to decorate the cake.  Opening presents is always fun with Jonah and it takes forever.  The first thing he opened was a Dinopedia from grandma and it was at least ten minutes until he stopped reading to us all and went on to the second present... it was a pattern that lasted through the gifts.

After opening presents Jonah was off to build his new lego house and Daddy and I wrote Jonah's birthday verse (a little last minute I know) before the birthday story and cake.

Year Five: 
Sir Jonah the Brave with a sword and a book;
For truth and for knowledge you'll continually look.
And where ever you go and whatever you seek,
Child of God, work for justice and be ever meek.


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! have to say that when I saw the post title I thought you were announcing that you were pregnant with triplets! LOL :)

Watkins said...

Oh dear, that would be something... no there is just one baby. Thank goodness! I always thought multiples would be fun until I had a baby and now it is always a bit of a relief when there is just one heartbeat at that first ultrasound! I'm sure multiples would be fun... but oh the work!!!!

EricaG said...

Happy birthday, Jonah!