Saturday, May 28

Bags for the Move

We were given keys and the go ahead to move into our new home today.  Oh, it is lovely - freshly painted walls (no more shiny white old lady wallpaper!), beautiful paned glass windows, and lots of lovely old furniture.  There are some practical drawbacks to this new home (i.e. no gas heat), but, being the romantic I am, I fell in love with the idea of living in the servants quarters of a 1900s Scottish mansion.  I've been wondering if it was the right decision until today.  Oh, we all love it - from the fresh new school room to the tiny room just right for a playhouse, and from the big back yard to the guest room with space for a sewing and a computer desk.  But, enough on that for now, there will be photos to share in the near future and you can see some of the special moments in this new home.  

For now I'll share a photo of what I'm seeing most of the time this side of the move - stacks of boxes, bags and odds'n'ends.  
Last week I stayed up one day instead of napping (the second trimester must be here - if only my stomach would realize that in the mornings) and made a few bags.  The first two are from a piece of IKEA fabric (which is quite orange, but not as vivid as in the photo) and I based them on my favorite shopping bag.  I've also added a few huge drawstring sacks to our collection (behind the orange bags) for storing clothing while waiting for the next kid to grow into it.  I have a sack for each size and then one for diapers and one for shoes, for I'm learning that feet and bodies grow at different rates in different kids.  

And then I made a second Christmas book bag - our holiday books were overflowing out of the red book bag someone gave us that has been designated the Christmas book bag.  I have some fabric I'd like to use to make a couple more for the Thanksgiving and Halloween books too once we are settled.
Santa was randomly laying beside me as I took this photo and I thought it appropriate that he make an appearance with my christmas bag made in May.


EricaG said...

Great bags! We have a move in our near future. I'll have to keep these in mind.

alljoinin said...

As ever love your blog, I have posted a link to here at my new blog