Thursday, March 31


Some of you have been following my niece's battle with cancer, and while I understand there are still bad times, the end is in sight.  My sister-in-law recently posted a bit of an update on Praying For Maren.  She also posted about a little boy, Presley, who is in an orphanage in eastern Europe and is battling Leukemia and in desperate need of a family.  My heart breaks for this sweet toddler and I encourage you to check out the information on him.  Perhaps you are able to give a few dollars toward a fund to help someone adopt him and perhaps you will pray for this little guy, alone in his battle with cancer.  Here is his page on Reece's Rainbow, which is a ministry to help orphans with disabilities and medical conditions find forever families.  I spent a long (and somewhat tearful) time reading about these precious children the other day.  I'll leave it at that, but I do encourage you to read Emily's post and visit the page about Presley.


EricaG said...

I saw your sister-in-law's blog update, and I've been thinking about dear Presley ever since. I can only imagine how frightening it would be go through cancer without a family for love and support. My prayers go out to him, and of course, I'm praying for your precious niece and her whole family.

Emily said...

Thank you so much for posting this Em! We really appreciate it!

alison said...

Thanks for sharing this, Emily! I have looked at that website myself and cried over some of the children there. One in particular has tugged at my heart and I've been praying for him. I will include Preston in my prayers. Thanks again!