Wednesday, March 30

99p Joy

We all drove to the store to do our weekly shop last night and, while we rarely ever buy things for the boys when we shop, Rowan spotted the big bin of balls.  "BAOWL, BAOWL, BAOWL!" he screemed with such fervor it was precious.  They were 99 pence, so I let Rowan pick one and then grabbed one for Jonah, who upon seeing me a bit later, ran back to Daddy in the dairy aisle "Mum got me a ball - a ball for me!"  Rowan proceeded to yell 'BAOWL!' delightedly the entire way through the store for the next 15 minutes (I hope everyone else thought it was cute too).  

And then we were home and they were full of movement, delight and sheer joy that seems to be so connected with the spring weather and their ability to run and play outside.  Life is Good. 

Enjoy the sunshine dear friends!


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