Wednesday, December 15

Making Molasses Candy

We have been loving the audio book of Little house in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Those of you who knew me as a child, know what a fan I was traveling to see the homesteads and wearing my dresses and bonnets.   We also love the picture books and when we took out our bag of Christmas books on the first, Christmas in the Big Woods was one of the first we read.  I felt inspired and called my Mom (who has the Little House Cookbook - mine is in Seattle).  We had fresh snow and while Jonah and Daddy filled pans I boiled the candy.   It was fun, as well as, messy, but it brought the book alive in a new way and we were grateful.  The candy would make an amazing garnish on gingerbread cheesecake with whipping cream, but wasn't overly impressive on its own.  It also got soft by the next morning (though this could be that because I don't have a candy thermometer my 'firm ball' stage was a bit off.)


My Boys' Teacher said...

I think of this part of that book often at random times. I've always wanted to try it...good for you.

LOL, I'm sure Ma didn't have a working candy thermometer either.

Rachel said...

I'm soooo glad I discovered your blog. Love the Jesse tree idea!

Annemarie said...

I'm chuckling at your post, because my daughter and I just finished the chapter "Dance at Grandpas" this very afternoon . . . and have read about the candy and maple sugar and all that. I loved your pictures of the boys participating in this with you. What a fun event. Now, if only we had some snow here in Seattle--ach!