Thursday, December 16

Favorite Christmas Books to Sing

We love Christmas books.  Probably one of the most exiting parts of Advent is getting out our stash of Christmas books, snuggling up and digging in.  This year Jonah and Rowan are especially appreciating the books they can sing, so I thought I would share some favorites.  I love that Jonah knows all the words to these songs now and sings along with gusto!  Rowan sings in his sweet baby way and dances and mama just smiles at all the little boy sweetness.  
Good King Wenceslas illustrated by Jamichael Henterly
Tim Ladwig (who's work we love) has illustrated this song as well, but as so many of our books, this was found at a used book sale and we really enjoy it.  I love how well it illustrates what is going on in the song, as the words of the song aren't particularly accessible to a young child.

 The Twelve Days of Christmas illustrated by Jan Brett.
I never really understood this song as a child (and well, it is slightly ridiculous), but I had no reference point for the twelve days of Christmas, so it didn't make much sense.  But through this book and my own journey into the church year it has become a holiday favorite as an adult.  I especially love the side story in Jan Brett's illustrations as it shows the "true loves" going to cut a tree to take home to their children.  It is lovely to see a married couple with children portrayed in this way.
Go Tell it on the Mountain by Debbie Trafton O'Neal : Woodcuts by Fiona King
 We were given this book soon after Jonah was born and it has been a favorite every year since.  It is a beautiful book and I love hearing Jonah belt it out off-key.
 Silent Night illustrated by Susan Jeffers.  
I love Jeffers work (we are especially fond of her Nutcracker) and this book captures some of the mystery of Bethlehem.
 The Friendly Beasts: an old English Christmas Carol illustrated by Tomie dePaola.
Fun and simple, the song and illustrations suit each other so well.
The Little Drummer Boy illustrated by Jack Ezra Keets
(This really is an all-star line up of great illustrators.)  I'm sad I didn't get a picture of any of the pages as this is my favorite of all - such vivid colors and striking close-up images (I think the cute drummer boy was distracting me.)

Any other favorites to sing out there?  We sing these most every day and I'd love to slowly add to our collection of Christmas books to sing.

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