Friday, September 24

KCWC: Day 5

Sewing. I'm onto a bigger project and hope to share it soon.

This week I've been sewing a bit, but we've also been hiking, adventuring on hallowed hill, telling stories, baking, listening to more oz, visiting, saying goodbye to dear friends, enjoying Andy Goldsworthy books, trying to encourage Rowan to sleep, enjoying Little House in the Big Woods, dealing with the organizational dilemmas of having two small children and snatching all the sunshine we can.

And here is one extra ordinary moment.
my pirates out to sea


EricaG said...

Hi, Emily. I love your new header. I just wanted you to know that I mentioned you in my blog post on 9/22. Thanks for inspiring me to keep blogging (and so much more)!

Watkins said...

Oh, I just commented on your blog. It really is amazing how these blogs can become such places of inspiration for each other and reminders of gratitude. I love that we've become friends through blogging... maybe someday we'll make our way home and we can hang out in real life :o)

Thanks for your comments. I do love comments!