Friday, July 23

An extraordinary name in the Sand

I don't share much about our struggles with parenting in this space. This certainly isn't because they don't exist or because I don't want to share them. It is because this space is public and I feel the need to honor my children by recognizing their stories as their own. Years from now I think they will be grateful that I don't share details about potty training and tantrums. I write this to explain that the following isn't meant to be mysterious, yet it is vague.

Every personality has its great strengths and these very strengths are often the greatest weaknesses when they are taken to extremes. One of the hardest jobs I'm finding as a parent is discovering how to strengthen and hone my children's strengths and give them tools to deal with the weakness it brings at the same time.

Even more challenging is recognizing that my own strengths (reading/learning everything I can on parenting, wanting to be gentle and reasonable, wanting to do things the best way...) have their flip side as well. The last week I have been stretched, recognizing a bit deeper how my personality affects the way I parent. It is tiring and even painful, but it is good to be growing together as a family.

It is in moments like these I need to notice the extra in my ordinary days all the more. I need to see that overall we are so blessed and I believe as long as we are willing to listen, learn and to do the work of change, we'll keep growing and figuring things out.

So here is a ordinary and extraordinary moment from Wales. One I'm remembering today with much joy.

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Stolitza Family Fun Times said...

I love hearing about your adventures whether they be big or small. I missed reading your blog daily when you were away. You have an early grasp of parenting that is remarkable. You are doing a fine job.