Sunday, July 25

A Church on Sunday

Jim and I had an evening out in Wales (thanks Mom and Dad!) and we found a wonderful bistro. It was tiny and so european feeling; it served all local and organic food and while it was a bit of a splurge, it was so worth it! On the way to Barmouth (the town where we found this delightful culinary nook) I spotted a little sea side church. So the next day as the whole gang of us went down to Barmouth, my husband (who is quite kind to humor this girl and her camera) pulled over on the side of the narrow road to let me hop out and snap some photos. I think you'll agree that it was worthy of a photo (or two or three or... well there are over a dozen on the camera...)

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alison said...

I LOVE the top photo of this post, with all of the gravestones - so beautiful!