Thursday, June 17

A Magic Treehouse Birthday

I love that Jonah's birthdays have all been based on his favorite book at the time. Two was Busytown and Three was Pooh.

And for four we embarked on a Magic Treehouse adventure.
We walked to Hallowed Hill, where Daddy had organized a tree house (laundry rack hung with cloth) and some good friends with scrolls...

Our magical friends from Camelot are lost!

And we need your help to find them.

You must go to Hallowed Hill in the time of Camelot and King Arthur. In the green wood, look for bridge that runs over a creek. There you will find the first two friends.

Along the way, collect golden stars from each of the friends that you meet, and put them your notebooks.

"We wish we could go there"
They found Teddy and Kathleen, Merlin and his dog and they freed Morgan LaFay.
"That was a Grand Adventure Mum!" (if only he knew how much that one phrase, which was delivered with such enthusiasm, made all the planning worthwhile.)

Then we were back to our house for a birthday tea.
The Cake... a treehouse of course. I made three round cake tins and then cut them into squares minus the door and windows. I painted the doors and windows with dark chocolate. I really enjoyed making Annie and Jack dolls (based from the pipe cleaner man in the book Feltcraft) and the mini books for in the windows and I love that Jonah can now play with these, even thought the cake is eaten.

After the party and dinner he opened all the gifts family have sent or I made (and for my crafty readers I'll show the projects next week.)
And today we stayed in our pajamas most of the day and read new books, played new games, enjoyed new toys and then all took a nap (yep, Mum too!)


Annemarie said...

What a fun, whimsical, creative birthday adventure. It inspired me!

EricaG said...

The cake is gorgeous! So far, my guy only wants Batman. Ugh...we did that last year.

Watkins said...

Thanks for the comments. It is encouraging. We had a lot of fun.

The Egan Family said...

Looks like a wonderful party, Emily! I love the cake idea and all the little touches. I love doing fun cakes for my kiddos,'s a labor of love!

Watkins said...

Cakes are a labor of love. I think it may be my favorite part of the birthday preparations.

Anonymous said...

What sweet memories you're making, Emily! Your boys are blessed to have such a creative mommy. I have turned out a few cakes myself these past 15 years and I always say, "I can't do this for money; I do it for love."

Aimee @ Chickenville said...

I LOVE this. We are working on a MTH birthda party for my 8 year old and I am trying to come up with cake ideas. I love that your thinking was a little different with the real branches. So clever! And hanging the books - great idea. Thank you!