Monday, May 3

Jonah's May Day Hat

Jonah needed a spring hat. He's outgrown all but one of his caps and it is lined with fleece. I made this one out of washable wool, and while I have never worked with washable wool before and have been skeptical (it just doesn't have the feel of one strand wool), I was really pleased with it. It is a little less forgiving, but not as bad as I imagined.
We set off down the Lade Braes path today with a camera (hopeful to snap some birds for a little project we are working on), a trike, two boys, a mama, bread for the ducks down the way, and a stroller. It was a good May Day outing as spring was all around us. We are now beyond the poking bulbs to a full on green floor with a canopy of blossoms. Beautiful!

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