Tuesday, March 9

Snowdrops at Cambo

Today is sunny. The sky is a vivid blue. I hung out laundry and am confident it will dry before dark (which is after dinner now!) Jonah spent the morning outside drawing sidewalk chalk roads for his cars. I am so grateful for warmth and sunshine. Spring is coming!

A few miles down the road there is an estate called Cambo. It is famous for the snowdrops that come up (and are cultivated) each spring. Snowdrops are the first sign of spring around here and come out in late February. So, Saturday, taking advantage of the car, we drove to Cambo. I'm not sure what I expected, but I had no idea there was a little hike down to the coast and there are other gardens, a tea room, a huge estate home, and some farm animals that are wondering around the estate. It was a wonderful day outing.

This horse wasn't fenced in and just mingled with the visitors. There were also a lot of pigs, which we discovered are there because they are allowed to wonder in the woods and the rooting they do helps the snowdrops.

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Margaret said...

How fun! I've seen the signs around town for the cambo snowdrops, but I didn't know what that was. What a fun family outing!