Monday, January 4


Overage or underage sliding can be fun!

The past few weeks have been magical. It is fun to hear Jonah suddenly burst out with "We're in Sodor now" and go on about the magical island where all his train friends live with such detail and such conviction sometimes I'm sure Mavis the engine is parked across the parking lot too. It has also been an adventure reintroducing him to some american foods and american stores. I already miss walking everywhere and am looking forward to scottish potatoes and carrots fresh from the delivery, but overall it is good to be home. It is good to be reevaluating some elements of my daily rhythm from a distance.

It is priceless to see Jonah developing his own relationships with his grandparents and aunts and uncles these past few weeks. There have bee some harried moments as he is over-tired and over-stimulated at times, but holidays or travel can be overwhelming and both together is quite a lot for a little guy to handle.

We are grateful for this time.

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erica said...

Your latest posts are beautiful. The photos are just lovely. What a precious family you have! By the way, I noticed Blogging for Bliss on your sidebar. I love that book! I read it in a couple of days and started my blog that week :) It was nice seeing you during your holiday visit. Take care.