Sunday, December 27

Merry Christmas

We wish you the merriest Christmas and hope you are up for celebrating all twelve days - we will be! Thanks for reading along with us during the year. We hope you have lots of reasons to rejoice this year.

Here are 5 Reasons we're rejoicing this Christmas...
1. My precious niece Maren is done with her last intensive treatment for leukemia and will now be in the maintenance phase of her treatment for the next year and a half. We are very grateful for those of you who have prayed with us for this beautiful little girl!

2. Two beautiful brothers fill our lives with laughter and smiles.
3. We had white Winter Solstice and Christmas days.
4. Five cousins four and under shared Christmas day... what a day!!
(Maren - 2, Liliana - 3 weeks, Elijah - 4, Rowan - 2 months, Jonah - 3)

5. The most joy comes from knowing and sharing the light that broke in during this season.


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