Friday, October 16

Kitchen boy

Well, after a couple weepy nights of wondering if I could really do the two kid thing - I think we've turned a corner. The last two nights Rowan has slept for 7 hours with just one feeding in the middle. Today was good. We managed to get to the store. Jim made it to work - later than normal, but with enough time to get some reading done before his seminar. I really enjoyed both of my boys as we sang and danced around the living room together. Jonah seemed more like himself - rested, grateful and sweet (though still a challenging 3 year old at moments). I actually cleaned the kitchen and Jonah and I took on some projects in the kitchen...

Cleaning potatoes - apparently a great 3 year old activity.
You may wonder why we have so many potatos. Well, the organic delivery bag for two people comes with pounds of potatoes each week - this week Jonah counted 21 potatoes. I normally ask for a half portion, but kept forgetting to change it since we started the delivery up again in September. I think Jonah and I scrubbed 60 some potatoes today. I'm hoping the fact they are clean will help me feel motivated to cook with potatoes. Please let me know if you have any great potato recipes!
Making Muffins - yummy blueberry muffins for dessert today. Friends have been bringing most of our meals over the past week - and wonderfully they will be coming next week too. So I haven't been cooking much and haven't baked at all. It felt good to mix up simple muffins with Jo.
Learning to wash dishes - why haven't we been doing this before? Jonah washed a whole sink of dishes. He did a great job. And aside from the puddle on the floor, it really did save me a bit of work and it kept him busy!

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Stolitza Family Fun Times said...

Jonah, it looks like you are having fun in the kitchen. Keep helping Mommy that is so nice of you. What a great little helper you are.
Emily, It will get easier trust me after two they all fall in easily. You are doing great. Keep up the good work of being a mother. There is no greater calling.