Tuesday, October 20

Ode to Aunt Laura's Letters

Well, my creative energy is high, but my energy overall is very low... so simple projects with bits I can do while nursing Rowan are the key. Embroidery is easy to accomplish while feeding a hungry baby, so last week I embroidered the words for this letter packet.

I found the pattern for this in Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule. The outside is fabric Mom sent me and the inside is some old maternity jeans that weren't wearable anymore.
Aunt Laura sends Jonah wonderful letters complete with worksheets tucked inside. Like any child, he loves getting mail and keeps it all (thus the need for a place to put them all). The other day Jonah, upon receiving a letter and new worksheets, pronounced "Aunt Laura is so kind - she loves loving me." He then went on to tell us that the card she sent wasn't just any tunnel/gate like in his plan city (Aunt Laura has suggested that it was a fun tunnel like his blocks in her letter) - "it is the Arch de Triumph in Paris - I've seen it! And cars can't go through it."

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Laura said...

This blog entry makes me so happy! And glad that I just sent him another letter packet yesterday! What a sweetheart that he thinks I'm kind even though I haven't seen him in over 2 years--and I'm so excited to see him in December! What a smart boy Jonah is. I had a feeling that he'd see the "tunnel" and wonder what was wrong with his aunt that she didn't call it by its landmark name! What a smart little world traveler you have!