Tuesday, September 22


Last weekend we hit the 38 week mark and with it came the beginning of pre-labor (this lasted two weeks with Jonah- so I'm not holding my breath). So, I decided that it was time to get the bags packed - one for Jonah and one for me.

Now the waiting truly begins. It is a crazy time. This baby could conceivably come anytime in the next month. That's an awfully long time of waiting expectantly. It is like advent, but so much more difficult as you don't know what day you are waiting for.

It is funny, I'm not stressed about labor itself, but am concerned about getting Jonah cared for and getting a ride to the hospital while in labor. We have friends who have offered to do these things for us and back up options, I just can't get my head around details that can't be nailed down as we don't know the day, let alone the time of day.

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Lynn said...

praying for peace to surround you, Jim and Jonah at this time . . .