Wednesday, August 5

Playpark in Jardin de Luxembourg

We are living in the 10th district in france, but Jim's school is in the 6th.  He has three hours of class every morning.  Today Jonah and I rode the metro down to the sixth with Jim (and others who live with us) and then ventured to the Luxembourg gardens where we met up with friends from St. Andrews and spent a morning at the most wonderful play park.  The rest of the park was amazing too and I'm sure we'll be back and will share pictures of the whole garden, but here are some highlights of our morning.  
Jonah loved the big train you could climb on.
This is Jonah and Dan in the Sandpit.  We are living with Dan's family and another family in our apartment.
This was Jonah's favorite part of the playpark - it is a modern merry-go-round - basically it is a large spinning bowl that you sit in.

Graeme, Jonah and Aidan spent a lot of time driving this big truck.

After our time in the play park we rode the carasol just outside the play-park.  It was beautiful - all wood from the late 19th century.  They even had metal rings that the kids who sat on the outer horses could collect on sticks as they went around.

We then met Jim for a picnic at the fountain and headed home for the day.  We are falling in love with Paris.  It is such a fun city and everyone has been so helpful and kind despite our lack of French.

Well, I'm back to French lessons.  I'm hoping by next week to at least be able to manage the shopping in french a bit better.

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