Tuesday, August 4

The Eiffel Tower

So we are hitting the classics first. This one was because Jonah has been talking about climbing the Eiffel tower since he knew we were coming to Paris. I think it was the first thing he learned about Paris and his books (this is Paris and Madeline) both show it.

I was here as a teen and remember being slightly disappointed. What I had imagined as a romantic spot was hot, overcrowded and built in the late 19th century style of bolts and steel beams.

But, today I was impressed. Maybe it had to do with seeing this massive structure through Jonah's eyes. And maybe it was just being there with my boys realizing that these moments of 'threeness' are soon to end, which makes me want to savor every moment.
Jim and I quickly decided after seeing the line that we weren't going up the Eiffel tower.
So we went for a picnic of yummy flat bread, veggies and hummus (from a turkish market) beside the tower.
Looking up from our picnic...
to this view
But, after our picnic Jonah was insistent that he would wait in the line and not complain and that he REALLY wanted to go up the tower. So we waited 40 minutes in line (and Jonah kept assuring us that he didn't mind the wait) and then half way there a suited man that worked at the tower came up to us and said "I'll get you special passes..." so he took us to a special line and got us fast passes (for the regular price) and then we went to a special elevator. It was really nice and I'm still not entirely sure why. There were others with buggies in the line - perhaps it was the combination of eight months pregnant, young child and stroller that caused their pity. I don't know, but I'm not asking questions - just grateful.
Jonah loved being on the tower and watching boats go under bridges, trains go along tracks and a soccer game going on below. He recognized the Pantheon when looking out over the city (I love the 'This is Paris' book - so worth the buy to see Jonah excited over landmarks).

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