Thursday, August 27

The night I didn't go to the Louvre

Last night was my night to go to the Louvre to spend three childless hours wondering a museum.  But, by the afternoon I decided that I'd rather stay home.  I think something in me switched yesterday and I'm totally ready to go home.  I'm tired, very pregnant and, to be honest, I think I'm tired of museums.  If I wasn't pregnant I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be the case as I continue to be more and more interested in art the more I learn about looking at art and making my own creations.  But I am 35 weeks pregnant, and facing the metro trip down and hours wondering in a crowded museum just seemed overwhelming.

It is funny to think that when I pictured a month in Paris the first thing I would imagine were long mornings in the Louvre with Jonah.  But, due to the crowds in the Louvre, the price, the difficulty of managing the metro, Jonah and a stroller on my own and my own need to pace myself we only visited once (though Jim did go for an evening last week).  

So, instead of a trip to the Louvre, I walked a couple blocks to a good bakery, bought Jim and I dessert and settled down with my new buttons, knitting, dessert and decaf coffee.  A great conversation with Jim ensued.  I don't regret staying home at all.  It was lovely.
I couldn't keep my eyes off Jonah's new boat.  Grandma told us to find something in Paris for Jonah and after sailing the boats in Luxembourg a few weeks ago I began a search for a little wooden boat.  We found this one yesterday at an amazing toy store near the gardens - so thank you Granddad and Grandma!  It is all wood, floats, held up to a very stormy bath time and is made in France.  Jonah loves 'tuggy' (I know it isn't a tug boat, but Jonah named it) and has been playing with him non-stop.
And isn't this vest fun!  The wool is from Ireland and the buttons are from Paris.  A very appropriate 'Mummy made' for this 'in-utero-traveled' baby.  The pattern is free on The Thrifty Knitter.  You can find it here.

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