Friday, August 28

Musee d'Orsay

Yesterday afternoon we hit our last major museum in Paris.   We had visited the Louvre, the Pompidu, the Picasso, and now we were onto the Orsay.  That isn't to say there aren't other museums around - the Rodin, the Delacroix (Jim went to this one), the Medieval Museum... But, the Orsay was the last on our 'must do' list in Paris.  

Unfortunately our usually very patient and interested three year old has hit his limit of museums (much like mum and dad to be honest).  So we did a quick tour on which Jonah loved trying to imitate the Degas statues and was excited to find some Van Gough paintings that are in his 'Vincent's Colors'.  Mum and Jonah then had a little date at the cafe while Daddy took it a bit slower.  Some juice and a chocolate muffin perked us both up and we went to see a bit more art before heading home to bed.

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