Saturday, July 18

An Irish Beach

I must say this beach surprised me.   I almost opted to go home and put Jonah down for a nap.  But, the lure of another adventure and something more to see won and Jonah went without a nap.  

I was expecting a beach like our beach in St. Andrews - dark, cool and rugged.   But this beach was anything but, and I do believe it was my favorite beach I've ever gone to (though snorkeling beaches in the Caribbean would be a very close second).  If I was to live on a beach (which I've never considered doing before) it would be this one.
There were manicured lawn up to the beach and Jonah insisted on carrying his own towel.

There was a huge stream of water in the sand that went up to Jonah's shorts at parts and was the perfect kiddie pool.  Unfortunately we didn't have any swim gear (like I said, I was picturing St. Andrews' beach, and while some people swim there I haven't been there on near a nice enough day to even think about it.)  But, after Jonah fell face first in the ocean, we decided that he might as well swim if he wanted as he was then soaked anyway.

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