Saturday, July 18

Home again

Well, we are back in St. Andrews and are close to being completely moved into our new home.  After 7 weeks of hotel and B&B rooms we feel almost lost in the space we have here (I should mention that this home is at least twice the size of our last little town house, so it would probably feel big anyway).  It was odd to just be at home all day and have nothing to see or do (besides run to the grocery and unpack).  

Overall Jonah has adjusted well and is excited to see his toys again.  Though, he did wake up this morning and ask who was making our breakfast and what was he having?  He also asked at five this evening "Are we going now?"  "Going where?"  "To Paris"  We've been so careful to prepare him for the fact that we would be leaving again soon that he was ready to go.  Also, the past couple weeks we've spent one or two nights each place before moving on, so he is pretty much adjusted to a nomadic lifestyle.

Well, my sewing room (a large sun porch/ laundry room) is awaiting some organization and Jim and I are hoping to complete our first french lesson tonight as we prepare for Paris in two weeks.  

I will continue to share some pictures from our trip and will move flat stanley on to Ireland and then Scotland in the next couple days, so we'll go back to living a week or two behind on the blog, but I wanted to give a current update.

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Lynn said...

Loved! "traveling" along with you and your lovely family Emily. Thanks for taking the time to write.