Monday, July 27

Giant's Causeway

Well, the legend goes that Finn McCool went to fight the Scottish monster and when he got there found that the Scottish monster was much bigger than he was (supposedly he was a giant).  So he ran home over the causeway and had his wife dress him as a baby because the Scottish monster was following him.  When the Scottish monster arrived he asked the wife to see Finn, but she said that he was away, but asked if he wanted to see their newborn baby.  When the Scottish monster saw how big the 'baby' was he ran back to scotland pushing the giant's Causeway under the water most of the way so that Finn would not be able to follow.

The causeway is great for a three year old, the way the lava cooled in 5-8 sided shapes makes for great climbing stairs and they are great for working on the differentiation of pentagons, hexagons, and octagons. 

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