Friday, July 31

The best of Northern Scotland

We leave for Paris tomorrow, so I figure it is time to finish up pictures from the last trip.  I also have pictures of Jonah's birthday party, some sewing projects and our new house that I'd like to share.  I meant to have more of this done, but for some reason our internet keeps cutting in and out at this house, which means that it can take many attempts to upload pictures and I'm finding that uploading them one at a time - all be it time consuming is the only way to get them to load.  When we get back I'll have to look into this.  Normally I pick my photos and then go do something else while they load, so this glitch is making it much more time consuming to blog.
This is a traditional scottish home at the Herritage Center on the Isle of Skye.
Jonah and Emily are hiking on the Isle of Skye.

Eilean Donan Castle was fun to visit because it is fully furnished and 'livable'.  It is privately owned and there are all sorts of family photos around the castle of the family who lives there when it isn't open for touring.  
Urquhart Castle is right on Loch Ness, so we visited this right before going to the monster exhibit down the road.
At our hotel ouside Inverness there were lawns and Jonah found this little house and quickly deemed it "the wizard's house".  Though, he played that it was a train station most of the time.

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alison said...

Have a great time in Paris, Emily! What arrondissement are you staying in?