Wednesday, May 27

Trip PJs

I have these great memories of shopping with my mom before vacations for a couple new short outfits and picking dad a couple new polo shirts.  I think this is why I'm feeling driven to sew Jonah some new clothes for our trip.  (It doesn't hurt either that he has grown an inch or two in the last month and is looking slightly stuffed into some of his clothes - especially his footie pjs)

So, yesterday during nap time I finished off matching PJs for Jonah and Finn.  I bought the elephant fabric at a store in Kircaldy and Finn's tee-shirt is just one of Jonah's old undershirts repurposed.  I'm thinking that a freezer paper painted brown elephant siloquette is needed on the shirts, but I'm going to wait until I can find some bigger undershirts for Jonah.

p.s. Jonah wasn't really wanting his picture taken last night.  Though he is very excited about his new pjs.  He loves the fact mama made them... ahh, I love this age!


Gammy said...

Jonah - I love your new PJs! And how fun that Finn has matching ones. Your mommy is amazing - how does she make these things?

Margaret said...

What a great idea...I'm always looking for something to sew for my son and PJ's are perfect! Now I have another project lined up for when I finish Meredith's dress. You'll have to fill me in on using freezer paper. I know it is super handy for crafts but I've hardly used it.