Sunday, May 24

Lists, Lists, and things to finish...

So one post this past week - that's a recent low for me, but as you will see from the picture below there is good reason.   I have a feeling the coming week will be low for pictures too... we'll see how well I'm doing at crossing off the lists!
The lists - "What to Pack", "What to Clean", "End of Tenancy - Check List", "Calendar of all the random events in next week" (i.e. vestry meeting, hair cut, Jo's adventure outing to the farm, midwife appointment, biblestudy, story group...), "Errands to do, Phone calls to make, Emails to send, Projects to finish, and Random things"

Behind the lists - a computer screen with windows full of potential (though not overly hopeful) housing options in Paris where we will be for the month of August, Jonah's half sewn birthday crown, Jonah's magazines that need subscription changes, and packing tape...

I really don't like this kind of busy and am willing the week away so that we can just be gone on our lovely summer adventure in Europe knowing our belongings are stored and that our new home will be awaiting us upon our return.

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alison said...

Hey Emily,
For our stay in Paris last summer, we booked an apartment from this site:
I recommend it! Our apartment was in Le Marais, and we loved it. It was nice to have a "home" while in Paris, and much cheaper than a hotel. Good luck!