Sunday, May 10

New Home

So here it is.  The house we will hopefully be moving into mid July.  We are so excited about it.  I never imagined we would find somewhere so lovely.  It is a three bedroom house with a sunporch/laundry room that has a huge counter (perfect for my sewing machine) and a closet (perfect for stacking fabric).  We have yet to sign the contract, but it is in the works and we are feeling very grateful.
So this long driveway with a gate at the end will be the perfect place for some serious trike riding and sidewalk chalk games.
Perhaps one of the best features is that across the cul de sac is an entrance to the Lade Braes Path into town.  It is beautiful and has a duck pond and park just a couple minutes walk up the way.  Jonah loved discovering this park we hadn't explored before.


Sarah said...

I am so happy for you about the new house! looks and sounds like a wonderful place for all of you.

alison said...

The house looks so cute, and I'm glad you guys have found your new home! We will be praying for your niece. I believe she is also related to Noah Toly, one of Steve's friends from college. Have fun on your trek through Europe!