Wednesday, April 22

Summer Travels

Well, the summer is quickly approaching and I think we finally are close to having all the details ironed out for seven weeks traveling around Europe.  We are currently planning on taking the computer so we should be able to blog along the way.  After storing all our belongings we will leave St. Andrews on June 3rd (we will no longer be at our current address and will have no forwarding capability as we will be homeless for a couple months as we trave - so don't send anything) to head to Geneva where we will be visiting some friends from our church in Seattle who are there for a few months. 

We'll leave there on the morning of the 8th and take a train to the very north of Italy where we will spend a week on a farm in the Italian Alps.  

After that we will take a couple days and some train rides to get to Rome by the 16th where we will meet Jim's parents and brothers.  We'll spend several days in Rome and then all head to Florence for a week.  

After a couple more days in Rome, we will fly with Jeff to meet Mike, Lisa and the kids in Dublin where we will begin a couple weeks of Ireland and northern Scotland exploration.  We should arrive back in St. Andrews around the 19th of July.  We'll be staying in a friends apartment until the first of August, when we will hopefully move into our own new home... we just have to find it.  

So I'm relishing in the travel plans being ironed out (though we still have to get advanced train tickets for a couple trips), but getting a little anxious about housing... I'm sure it will all fall together.  Or it won't and we'll deal with that :o)

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