Saturday, January 17

Jonah in Durham

Well, this was what Jonah spent most of his time doing - riding in his stroller. He did get out and walk some. The second day we were there Jonah said "Mom, we haven't read many books - let's find a library." Yes - that's my boy! He's looking for libraries! We did find the public library with dad the next day, but went to a bookstore that day to read books and play tabletop snakes and ladders which Jonah loved.
Unfortunately Jonah's camera ran out of battery on the way to Durham, but he still liked playing with it. I invested in rechargeable batteries yesterday, so this shouldn't happen again.
Perhaps Jonah's favorite thing was his ride on the helicopter. It had video feed inside from a real helicopter ride.

Thursday morning we were all able to hang out. We walked back into town from our bed and breakfast, which we had avoided after my two hour escapade to find it on Tuesday night - let's just say I went the complete wrong direction, asked directions from at least 10 people (only some of whom could even find where we were on a map), lack of street signs, and darkness all played a part in the adventure. The walk in on friday took about 20 minutes. Should I mention that Tuesday night I got a thorn in a stroller tire because the road to the B&B wasn't lit and was filled with briar trimmings? So Wednesday morning we all took a bus out of town to find a bike shop to fix it...
Jonah and Daddy are waiting for our train back - which was late because there was an accident on the tracks. We gave Jonah some Thomas playing cards. He learned how to play 'Go Fish' and he loved playing memory and story board with them too.

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