Wednesday, November 19

Three Cheers for Daddy!

Jonah and I made cookies after dinner to celebrate Daddy getting chosen to present a paper at a conference in Durham, England in January.  The conference is on interdisciplinarity within theology and Jim sent in an abstract on some of his ideas integrating philosophy, kenotic theology, and art.   Jim is looking forward to presenting a 25 minute paper and then having 25 minutes of open discussion and question time.  The paper is really the beginning of his thesis, so it is encouraging that there is interest in the topic and it will be helpful to get discussion and feedback.  Jonah and I will accompany him to Durham in January to see the Cathedra, enjoy a train ride and a couple days away in the darkest part of winter.  

cookie number 2 - it must be an occasion!  I don't think I've ever let him have 2 cookies.

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