Saturday, October 4

Mummy, may I have a biscuit?

Yes, it is already happening.  Jonah came to me at play group the other day and said "Mummy, may I have a biscuit?" with a bit of of an accent.  He woke up this morning quite distraught because he dropped his biscuit in his dream.  I've tried then talking about cookies - but Jonah corrected me, saying "not a cookie - a biscuit!"  

Do you know what a rota is?  Here you don't have schedules or lists, but rotas.  You have snack rotas (meaning a sign-up) and clean-up rotas.  It is amazing how many times this has come up in the past couple weeks as Jonah and I are becoming involved in play groups and Bible studies.

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Sarah said...

oh that is too cute!! I would love some video evidence of this little accent if ever possible...