Tuesday, September 30

here we are...

Well, this morning when Jonah picked up the money on the night stand he started talking about how he had 40 pounds (though it was more like 40 pence) instead of talking about dollars.  I've stopped having mini panic attacks when I see cars pulling out on the road "the wrong way" and even find myself naturally looking right when I go to cross the street.   Perhaps we are beginning to feel a bit adjusted at least on the surface.

Today Jim will be given his office keys and will be 'working' from 9-5.  We are ready for life to settle into a pattern and Jim is eager to be locked away with his books :o)  

Jonah and I just arrived back from our play group this morning where Jonah made a fabulous potato print painting.  I have been so grateful for the strong community of moms that we have found, but today was the first day I was sad about the community because I faced my own position on the fringe of it - new and unknown.  The community is welcoming though and I am sure that time will amend this but it is so tiring to be always presenting and memorizing facts instead of actually having meaningful conversation.  

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