Friday, September 21

Grandad and Grandma are coming in their Brrm Brrm

Grandma and Grandad left Pennsylvania today for their vacation out to seattle. They won't be for another two weeks, but Jonah and I put up a map today to chart their progress. It was all set up with a string and a bead to run the little car along, but that didn't last long. Jonah tore the car off and Grandad and Grandma have been spending most of their time "Brrm, Brrming" in Maine and the Atlantic ocean. But, Jonah is saying Mam ma for Grandma now and says OhiiiO and map, so that's something.

"Brrrrrmm Brrrrrmmm, Brrrmmmmmmmmmm"

leaving Grandma and Granddad's house to come to Jonah's house.

great likeness of Grandad and Grandma - don't you think? :o)

There they go - right off of Maine's coast into the Atlantic.