Friday, September 21

Apron for Tierney

Last night I stayed up sewing an apron for Tierney for Christmas. I've been sewing a lot lately. It started with Jonah's tent, then I went through a pj pants phase (I still have a couple more pairs that need made), now I'm on to Christmas presents. My only wish is that I could design my own fabric and then sew a project.


John said...

How do you design your own fabric? Do you use one of those things that goes up and down with all the different threads? not a sewing machine...but the big thing...i don't know what it is called...but how do you design your own fabric?

The Watkins said...

you mean a loom? Well, that would be one way, but most fabric is printed. You can only make geometric designs on a loom.

So I would draw the design or do it on a computer and then huge machines would print it - I think. Too be honest I'm not exactly sure how one would do it.

Laura said...

When I designed fabric in Textiles III in college, we made the croquees (not sure of spelling--sounds like Croak-E) which were the design repeat pattern (a painted closeup of what the pattern would look like which includes how the design would repeat itself and which colors would be needed) then we used batiking or screen printing to make the actual fabric design (after dying our fabric). Very labor intensive but my favorite part of textiles! Obviously the big machines that actually weave tiny designs into fabric, like the jaquard looms were not available for us to play with; that would be really cool! Emily, that apron you made is DARLING! I'm so excited!