Friday, May 20

Red Hot Pentecost!

I was so excited to be part of the Pentecost celebration at church Sunday.  I had made white clay doves (cookie cutter type) and written the fruits of the spirit on them.  They had a hole to string red balloons through.  Someone else made red hand kites for the kids and we bought a couple cakes.  It was the first time these things had been done at our church (as far as I know) and I was really excited to celebrate together.  But alas, we ended up with a nasty little virus and decided it was best for everyone to stay home on Sunday.  

So I'm grateful for a week of red at home.  I hung banners Monday and got out our shoe box of decorations and we will enjoy them through the week.   Here is a glimpse of our Pentecost celebration.  How are you celebrating?

The boys painted the red paper like flames on the banner across the door.  The banner hanging behind it is from my mom's stash of Red fabrics.  
This banner was our Saints and Seasons group project earlier in the month.  We each brought a yard of red fabric and cut it into strips.  We then tossed all the fabrics in a pile and tied them on twine to make banners.
While Isaac and I drew the other day I made lunch box notes for the older boys.  

And we had Red Velvet cheesecake cupcakes.  My boys insist on calling them Pentecost muffins, but there is nothing muffiny about them - they are definitely dessert!  The cupcakes are from this recipe and have my very favorite frosting - a whipped cream cheese frosting, which is so light and delicious (I half the sugar). 

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Gammy said...

What a wonderful celebration ! As always incredibly creative !