Tuesday, November 3

The Church Year Puzzle

A couple years ago I wanted to use my birthday money to purchase a circle of the church year for our home.  I debated and debated whether to buy the godly play one or this more puzzle like version.  I'm really grateful that I chose the puzzle version.  My fear was that the godly play one, which is perfect in a classroom where children are supervised and are old enough to put it back together, would either have pieces lost or would have to primarily be kept up where toddlers couldn't reach it.  The puzzle version has so many less pieces so it can be tucked under the couch and is available for work whenever the boys want.  And my fears of lost pieces were well founded, I have on occasion found the pieces of the puzzle being used as swords or tucked with other toys somewhere in the house, but they are large and easy to find and I'm not hunting down 52 tiny rectangles!   After two years, one piece has a small chip, but nothing is missing.  The puzzle also self checks a bit more than the godly play version as many of the pieces only fit in one way so a young child can work with it alone and be truly seeing how the days fit together.  This is really a lovely resource for the home and a great way for children to play with the church year.  I purchased this puzzle from Faith Alive Resources, but don't see it on their website currently.

I love the shapes as they are an extra reminder of the three great sundays and helps the boys remember what the colors mean when I'm not working with them.
The star piece has a small chip and that piece in particular is hard to get in and out.  I'm afraid one day it might snap when small fingers are trying to get it out, but so far so good.  
My photo helper.  This boy loves the camera!

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Heidi said...

I loved Children in Worship! I loved this puzzle! I am looking for one and cannot find it! Makes me sad!