Tuesday, October 27

Clipping the Church Year

I remember taking pictures of this when I first made it.  In those photos it is on moving boxes that are about to be shipped to the US from Scotland.  In searching the blog I've realized those photos, which are on some hard drive somewhere, never made it to the blog.  It doesn't surprise me.  That was a very busy time for us and there are so many things I have photographed and that haven't made it to this space in the past few years.

Honestly, this has never been a popular work option, in Scotland or at St. Matthews (where our home copy is residing on the practical life shelves for the time being).  There really isn't much to it, but I loved the idea when I came across it here.  I used it a couple weeks ago with the children as we began our feast to review the colors of the church year and they really enjoyed taking turns finding and clipping the seasons.  

My version is laminated heavy watercolor paper with water colored clothespins.  

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