Monday, May 25


A friend asked if we had plans for Pentecost last week.  We didn't, so plans ensued.  
Last summer when visiting my parents I went through my Mom's stash of red fabric and cut banner pieces for Pentecost.  Piecing it together was a fun project in spare moments this week, often with Mr. five in charge of the sewing machine peddle and Mr. 3 on my lap managing the backstitch.  We also made a banner by painting with orange and yellow on red card-stock and stitching the pieces to ribbon.  I used the banners in the godly play room this morning (pictures to come) and had fun hanging them in the tree by the tables tonight.  Rowan was delighted with our 'Pentecost Fort' and sat down to write out the lyrics to a song they sang at school this week while I set the tables.

"Tongues of Fire - Tongues of Fire
Rushing Wind - Rushing Wind
The Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit"

 The menu was fairly simple and I wasn't responsible for most of it.  We had 'red' chicken bbq sandwiches.  I made bread in honor of the Jewish festival of Pentecost, which is a grain harvest.  I shaped a large loaf like a sheaf of wheat and for the children's table made birds with a dusting of icing sugar to make them look like doves.  We had a green salad from the garden with radishes and beets for the red color.  Fruit represented the fruits of the spirit and red velvet cake balls finished out the night.

At the end of the evening we took out the six left over sparklers from last forth of July and some glow bracelets and read the first verses of Acts 2 before lighting them.

I do believe a Pentecost party has been declared a new tradition.  It was fun, fairly simple, and meaningful; all the pieces of a good celebration!


EricaG said...

Your blog continues to inspire me. Wishing you well!

Watkins said...

I'm glad. It would be fun to have your crew for a Pentecost party some year!