Tuesday, May 12

Cast Your Net on the Other Side

Eastertide in Graditude and Celebration: Creative Playful Moments
I have several Godly play projects in the works right now and several more ideas percolating.  But I think it is often best in the home when projects happen spontaneously.  Isaac and I were sitting by the godly play shelves last week and I pulled a Bible off the shelf and turned to the story of "The Great Catch".  After we finished reading I grabbed my felt basket and began cutting fish.  "In every color Mom."  And he sorted and counted as I cut. "More, make more."  So we sat and cut for a very long time.  I found a mint tin to keep our little fish in and cut nets from a lemon bag.  Isaac was so excited to show Rowan when he came home from school.  And Rowan was so excited he ran for scissors and I had to get the felt basket back out so he could try cutting some fish.   I hope I can be open to these moments and ready to grab them.  It is such a joy to share and play with our Story together.

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