Wednesday, December 31

Feast of Innocents with a New Tradition

December 28th is the feast of innocents. (It was moved to the 29th this year because the 28th was a Sunday.)  So yesterday with Isaac on my lap working the back stitch and Rowan beside me with the sewing machine pedal on a stool so he could reach it, the three of us made a baby blanket.  This is a tradition I've been hoping to start on this day for a couple years.  We sewed around two squares of  flannel to make a simple blanket we are hoping to donate.  Isaac helped me pull the needle in the evening as I did a simple running stitch around the blanket while Jim read to us from The Thirteen Days of Christmas (which we read over the twelve days each year.) We talked about the story of Herod and why we remember this day.  I loved taking the story and making something to help babies of our time who do not have what they need.  It seemed so fitting to do something in honor of those 'nameless' babies who lost their lives years ago.  

I imagine teaching my boys the blanket stitch on this project in a few years and them picking fabric to each make a blanket.  I'd also love to do this as a church project some year and teach other children in the parish to sew.  It is such a simple project and they would have such fun picking fun flannels to sew.  I am hoping this is a tradition that sticks!


gmyo said...

Emily, this is a beautiful idea. I am so inspired by all you do.

jessica louise said...

This is a really great idea, Emily. Inspires me to do more sewing with the kids in general! I'm wondering, though, how much of the story you go into. My inclination is to skip over the slaughter part and just say that Herod did not want Jesus to be king. When can they handle thinking about babies being killed? Even I don't want to think about that part!