Monday, November 3

The Baptized

I love baptisms.  I really can't think of many other things that I love more in the world.  I cry at every baptism I see and think about becoming ordained.  Oh, and when my own boys are baptized ... I can't express the joy and prayer-fullness of that moment. 

 I didn't grow up in a tradition that did infant baptism, but when I first encountered the theology in college I was very quickly drawn to infant baptism.  The theology and tradition seemed sound and it made so much sense with my own story, which isn't one of 'conversion', but one of growing up in faith and learning to continually turn towards Christ and his kingdom.  I suppose I can point to one moment that I chose to follow Christ and 'converted', but looking back I think there were actually many points where I turned and walked toward God.  Likewise, I see baptism as the sign in my wee boys life that God's grace is there for them and that they are part of the church.  The prayer-fullness of the moment of baptism is, for me, a great longing that they will continually (and perhaps at some particular moment) chose to accept that grace and their place among the people of God.  That they will know Christ and be messengers of life in Him.  Baptism is also a reminder of the great privilege and task we parents and our community have to bring up these wee ones in love and to practice living out God's kingdom with them.

Today, All Saints Day, we saw our littlest man baptized.  It was wonderful to see my older boys take the occasion so seriously; (and they also took their task of picking Costco cakes yesterday to share after church very seriously too.)  

And Athanasius was his normal sweet self.  Not a tear in his eyes and he tried to talk along with the baptismal responses.  He stayed awake through nap time to be baptized, had the water poured over him, and fell asleep within seconds of being handed back to me.  Yes, this little man is a keeper and we pray that his life will reflect his name - may he be a messenger of Eternal Life!

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