Thursday, September 25

With Courage

Our school highlights one virtue a year and so, in the many moments my younger boys are painting, I've been making lunch notes for Jonah around this years theme of courage.  It has been so much more fun for both of us than my normal scrawled note that says the same thing each day (or absence of a note - he really loves a note).   And, it is a way for me to squeeze a bit of creativity into days full of the very ordinary of caring for four little men.

Courage is such a wonderful theme.  I am overwhelmed by the courage students show in learning and failing and trying again.  We have a lot of conversations about how it takes more courage to fail than to get everything perfect (perfectionism might be something we're encountering) and it is so very good for mama to internalize this too.

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Gammy said...

I love these ! So creative and Jonah must love them!!