Monday, August 25

A Last Taste of Summer

We will all miss things about summer.  It has flown by so very quickly.  Isaac and Athan will miss having Daddy around to rock/walk them to sleep for naps.  Jonah will miss days full of reading.  I will miss project time and the joys of the garden (though I have a fall/winter garden plan that is about to commence.)  Rowan will miss having Jonah around to play with most of the day.  

One of the happiest garden projects of the summer was a spontaneous buy.  I try to not stray from my list, but when I saw the huge bag of wildflower seeds for seven dollars at the garden center, I knew that I needed a cutting garden.  So between our fence and the ally we planted a swath of wildflowers, and they have kept our home dotted with lovely color all summer. 

I've kept greens on the mantle since the end of Easter tide.   Sometimes a wildflower or two was added, but mostly it has just been pieces of bushes I'm trimming in the garden.  It has been a sweet reminder of the great green growing time we are journeying together.

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EricaG said...

I love seeing bits of your days!