Friday, February 14

Snow Day Again!

Jim's birthday was today and we celebrated with a snow day full of his favorite things: homemade cinnamon rolls, time to read, brownies and ice cream, playing outside, some new books, beef stew (from this cookbook) and some very excited little boys.  

I started the day, as is our snow day tradition, with an after breakfast nature show for the boys and a few moments snatched at the sewing machine.  I finished up mittens for Isaac I began during the KCWC.  He needed something that wouldn't fall off, and while these aren't supper thick they do the job (they are from the book Little Things to Sew).  He was thrilled with them in the morning and eager to wear them outside, but when they actually went out to play this afternoon he refused to wear them and wore ill-fitting, thin frog mittens.  So, Mr. Snowman got to wear his new mittens.  

And, school is already cancelled for tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to more hot chocolate, snuggling with books and a bit of Valentine fun.

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Margaret said...

I love to read about your life in VA! We've enjoyed snow days too!