Monday, February 17

Just a Little Sentimental Post: My Tiger

I was going to title this post 'Mama's Tiger', but in our house you can't call Tiger mama's anymore with out a two year old insisting that it is his tiger.  "My Tiger!!!!"   
 There is nothing sweeter than seeing a favorite toy loved once again.  We haven't had many (if any) of my childhood toys until this year.  The new house has the space and we are in driving distance, so we finally relieved my parents of the stack of bins they've been storing.  I'm just now starting to go through the bins which are stacked in the basement to see what we will use, what we'll get rid of and what we will store in the crawl spaces upstairs.  It is a fun task and a rather sentimental one.

The Tiger that Rowan has now claimed (because he needed one too) was the first toy I believe I ever bought for Jonah.  It was with memories of my own special tiger that I couldn't resist this softest of tigers.

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gmyo said...

Reminds me of a favorite children's picture book at our house:

Not sure the best way to locate it. We are friends with the author, so we got our copy that way.