Wednesday, December 4

Isaac is Two!

Well, sorry about the unexpected absence.  All is well, but this fall has been full of unexpected happenings.  Some very joyful, and others, like our van needing replaced, slightly more stressful.  But, advent has come and while I had the best intentions of sharing advent thoughts at the end of November, December will have to do.

But before we get to that, we've had a birthday.  And a very sweet and important one - TWO!  I love two.  The world is opening up to a two-year-old and this little man of mine is so very sweet and clever.  He's ready to meet the world with a grin on his face and a determination to keep up to his brothers.  Ike loves to read and snuggle (oh, it makes it so hard to get up in the morning when a sweet baby wants to snuggle).  He adores balls and anything athletic.  We were grateful that amidst a week of car shopping (we were in a rush so we could get to Thanksgiving) his birthday was a quiet day.  This little man, who is adored by his brothers, was well celebrated!  We had a simple cake and he spent most of the day pushing trains around the new train table Jim and I gave him (just a large low table I picked up for a song at a thrift store) while saying "bert-day, bert-day!" 

I give you Isaac - two years old!

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EricaG said...

Oh my! He is so handsome! Happy #2. I also love this age.