Friday, September 6

Right Now...

::I've adjusted the past two weeks to not having help at nap time.  Jim is at school in orientation.  And, while he's been working most days at home this summer, that extra set of hands after lunch when little boys need a nap is such a luxury!

:: I'm reading up on lunch ideas, sewing art smocks and making cloth napkins for Mr. 7's lunches.  Mum is getting ready for school.  I am very aware that making little cloth napkins with name tags for school lunches is not necessary, but it is my way of getting ready.  Getting ready to send my little boy to school.

:: I'm thinking about home-school preschool for Rowan.  I have big ideas.

:: Knives, wrench, sunscreen, viking helmet, flying squirrels sunglasses... the random assortments that I spend my day re-placing.

:: A summer collection on the nature table.  I must say that with the entrance of September I'm looking forward to Autumn.

:: Lots of Legos.  Always lots of Legos around here!

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