Monday, August 26

Biking with the Boys

Jonah has always loved to bike and scooter in St. Andrews, but grew out of his bike well before we left and then with all the moving... he didn't ride for quite a while.  Then, this past Christmas, Gammy and Papa bought him a shiny new bike!  It came with training wheels and suspecting that removing them might be a bit of an ordeal with our risk-adverse boy, we just never bothered to take them off... that is until yesterday.  And, while it ended up being abundantly clear that we needn't have waited so long, it made for an easy transition, no spills, and lots of smiles! 

 And, I do believe this little man will skip training wheels thanks to his balance bike.
And the little guy?  We're just sticking with the bug for now, though he insists on wearing a helmet too.  And with the ridiculous speed he achieves on that little foam critter it is a good thing!

Biking and riding a bug while searching for dragons (thus the sword Rowan is carrying while biking) on these tennis courts a block from our house has been a favorite pastime this summer.  And starting September nine, Jonah can bike just past these courts to school with Dad in the mornings! 

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